A little intro...

Hello!!! We're Riley and Bobbi. We are so happy to share our story.

Last year we made one our biggest dreams come true and we couldn't be happier. Let's just go back to 6 years ago when we first met on high school surf team. We both shared a love for the ocean and we were so grateful to live so close to the coast. After graduating high school, Bobbi started working at a local flower shop. Bobbi always had a dream of working with mother natures creations and working with flowers brought back memories of her grandmother playing in fields of flowers which gave her grandmother so much joy. After a few months of working at the flower shop, Riley soon started working at the same flower shop! Like surfing, flowers brought Riley and Bobbi back together. Riley was a natural. She could create the most beautiful bouquets blindfolded if she had too! She is also an incredible photographer which is just a match made in flower heaven! After a little over 3 years working at the flower shop, Bobbi and Riley took a well-deserved vacation to Cabo San Lucas and that is where Palms and Petals was created! Please go check out Our Story to read about how the name came about. Fun fact: Riley was starring at the Palm Tree in the photo below when she thought of 'Palms' and Bobbi followed by 'and Petals'! We can't wait for our new adventures in 2018 and please follow us on Instagram to see when our next blog post will be!


Riley and Bobbi