Inspired by the sea and mother nature’s creations, we joined forces and created Palms & Petals! We specialize in floral design & phtography for weddings, events, DIY workshops, and special occasions! 

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Did you know the palm branch was a symbol of victory and peace during the Roman Times… What happened!?! Let’s bring that bold and beautiful symbol back and infuse it with today’s symbol of the tropics. Those two combined will light a fire and show the true power of the resilient palm. The palms that we are forever surrounded by will cast a shadow through our creations and we hope it brings you victory, peace, and a hint of paradise!


…And Petals

Our flowers are intentionally a little wilder than a traditional bouquet. Why? That’s how they should be. Free and wild—just how they would be if they weren’t cut. We hand-pick the most beautiful seasonal blooms available and design all our arrangements with love!



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